• Matt Fishel - When boy meets boy
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  • 아몬드두유 | 2018.04.06 19:22 | 조회 844 | 공감 0 | 비공감 0

    I met Marcus, sitting at the bar He was the kinda guy you wanted to kiss. He had the most beautiful piercing eyes and I want to be naughty with your lips.

    I'm sat staring at this skateboard, scene, ska, punk loving guy from Rileys And as the rain came down on that Sunday night, He went in for the kill with a glint in his eyes It's a beautiful thing when boy meets boy, That was his opening line. It's really corny and it makes me laugh sometimes It's a beautiful thing when boy meets boy, That was the first thing he said, I just cringed and shook my head. I went with Marcus, back to his apartment Hidden just behind the station (Underground) His walls were covered in posters of idols And rock stars who had died too young I'm sat wondering what the hell I was doing with a skateboard punk from Riley And just as I decide I should be making a move, He is standing in the doorway in his birthday suit It's a beautiful thing when boy meets boy; What a ridiculous line, It's kinda tragic but it makes me laugh sometimes. It's a beautiful thing when boy meets boy, Yes that was the first thing he said, But who's the mug sitting here in his bed? Oh, Marcus, what am I to do? I'm head over heels for you But I gotta stop dreaming And wasting my time Yet your chest feels like heaven When it's pressing on mine Well, okay... I'll stay... I left Marcus sleeping on his mattress With my number on his bedside table (and £40) I paid tribute with a little wink To River Phoenix hanging on the wall As I'm walking in the rain with my head held high, My phone starts ringing I saw him again another 7 times, And I still hold on to that opening line It's a beautiful thing when boy meets boy What a dumb opening line, But to his credit it still gets me every time It's a beautiful thing when boy meets boy, That was the first thing he said Now I can't get him out of my head It's a beautiful thing when boy meets boy (You gotta sieze the oppurtunity whenever you can) It's a beautiful thing when boy meets boy (And if you need a servicing, then Marcus, he is your man) It's a beautiful thing when boy meets boy.

    조아요의 똑똑하신 회원분들께서 해석을 하실 수 있으리라 믿어요 ㅠㅠㅠ..

    제가 영어가 약해서 (후다닥)

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